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Movie nights are incomplete without a perfectly popped bowl of popcorns. The truth is, we all like to enjoy them even when we're not watching a movie or a show.

The variety of popcorn flavors available on the market has made them even more popular among people of all ages.

However, it can be quite exhausting to get popcorns from the market every time you want to binge-watch your favorite TV shows or movies. 


Keeping that in mind, investing in a good popcorn popper will not only save you a tremendous amount of time but also allow you to enjoy popcorns at any time of the day.

With a high-quality popcorn machine sitting in your kitchen, you can make as many bowls of popcorn as you like.



Kinds of Popcorn Makers

There are different kinds of popcorns available on the market. However, they can generally be divided into two major categories, i.e., popcorn makers that use oil and the ones that do not. Here’s a brief look into both kinds of popcorn makers:


Hot Oil Popcorn Makers

These popcorn makers run on the traditional popcorn making principles. All you need is a bag of popcorn kernels, a little bit of salt, and some oil. Examples of hot oil popcorn makers include stovetop popcorn poppers and commercial popcorn machines. 

Stovetop popcorn makers are considered to be the best popcorn makers in the world. With a stovetop popcorn maker, you can make huge batches of popcorns for family movie nights and get-togethers without worrying about compromising on the quality.

Commercial popcorn machines are the ones that shop vendors, cinemas, and other recreational organizations have installed in their food corners. These machines prepare popcorns at the professional level and are quite expensive. Even so, the quality and flavor of the popcorns they make are out of this world!


Popcorn Makers Without Oil

These are the popcorn makers that do not make use of the oil when making popcorns. Instead, they expose the popcorns kernels to hot air. Two main kinds of popcorn makers that do not use oil include microwave popcorn makers and hot air popcorn poppers. 


Microwave Popcorn Makers

Microwave popcorn makers are made of microwavable glass or plastic. These popcorn makers are filled to the brim with popcorn kernels and heated in the microwave. Since popcorns are prepared in the microwave, they do not require the use of oil.


Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

Just as the name suggests, these popcorn poppers introduce popcorn kernels to hot air instead of oil. This makes them healthier than the popcorns prepared from a hot oil popcorn maker.

Hot air popcorn makers are ideal for people looking for a healthier option since many health-conscious people tend to avoid popcorns simply because of the oil used in making them.


Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn kernels are the basic ingredient for popcorn making. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of popcorns you can make for your binge-watching adventures, i.e., butterfly popcorns and mushroom popcorns. Butterfly popcorns are the common salted or unsalted popcorns we usually make at our homes or buy from the cinemas or vendors.

Mushroom popcorns, on the contrary, are the fancy popcorns produced by gourmet companies that come in as many different flavors as you can think of. While the butterfly popcorns are fragile and not suitable for supporting toppings, the mushroom popcorns are sturdier and can easily support a layer of chocolate, honey, such other flavor without falling apart.

Moreover, you can prepare butterfly popcorn by buying the common popcorn kernels. Flavored mushroom popcorns, however, can only be made through ready-made bags of flavored popcorns that you can heat up in your oven and enjoy.

Gone are the days when people had to go out to get some popcorns from the local vendors. These automatic snack machines have made things simpler and less time-consuming.

Now, you can get a bowl of freshly popped popcorns at any time of the day or night with a popcorn maker. That being said, the choice of your popcorn maker depends on your budget and taste preferences.